Welcome to Eco Blvd, ethical marketplace where conscious people and sustainable athleisure meet. We support design, innovation and empower creative people. We also share powerful stories about global apparel brands green initiatives that will inspire you to lead more sustainable active lifestyle.

It’s our guess that most of you who come here, are already conscious consumers in one way or another. Maybe you’ve swapped out some worn garments or started upcycling your favorite old pieces. Perhaps you have invested in some sustainable clothing instead of fast fashion, or switched to other natural, low-impact, ethically produced products.  

All of the products featured here, are ethically sourced and consciously curated with the environment in mind. 

Giving Back

Out of the deep love for the ocean, we support The Ocean Cleanup, Ocean  Alliance.

Part of proceedings go to Blind Children's CenterDeaf Blind Citizens in Action.


About the Founder


Eco Blvd Founder

Asia Biryna Lal was born and raised in Eastern Europe. Both parents always inspired her as role models to spark a lifelong journey of learning. Asia’s mother, a school teacher, has been a great influence to study art, languages and  psychology. Her father, a professional chess player, who lost his vision and partially hearing when Asia turned 11, motivated her to deep dive in math and physics. Since then, culture and science studies, discipline and creativity has always been a significant part of her life. She moved to the United States to continue education in computer and information sciences. Her passion for people, animals and environment drew Asia to attend Environment & Waste Conferences focusing on challenges, ideas, solutions, and planning the sustainable future. 

Her interest in the ethics and sustainability of fashion have taken a surge in 2017 as more and more fashion brands have been exposed of their wrong doing. Asia founded Eco Blvd in 2019, after attending Fashion Revolution Week event. The fact that fashion production is a cause of major pollution, and such harm to the factory workers has completely changed her mindset and professional goals. Having nearly 14 years of experience in ecommerce systems development, marketing, and many aspects of the modern retail movement, she wanted to do more to help protect the ecosystem.

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Learn More

We have provided links to a few helpful websites that raise awareness of fashion impact on environment and support ethical, sustainable fashion.